Tech apps TEKS were meant to be fully integrated into the existing curriculum and not taught in isolation, and like the content area TEKS, they are non-negotiable.

Segment 1: The New Technology Application TEKS: An Introduction

Where did the TEKS come from, what are they based on, and how do they compare to the old TA TEKS? What are the NETS-S Standards that the TEKS are based on?

Segment 2: The New Technology Application TEKS: The Six Strands

What are the six strands that make up the new Technology Application TEKS? In this segment, we look at each strand and how the TA TEKS are related to the NETS-S standards.

Segment 3: The New Technology Application TEKS: How to Read the TA TEKS

Most teachers know how to read TEKS, but this segment reminds us how the TEKS are structured. Introduction Statements, Knowledge and Skills Statements, the Strands, the Student Expectations, and Including Statements are all part of this segment.

Segment 4: The New Technology Application TEKS: Comparing Strands Across Grade Levels

Even though the strands are the same from grades K to 8, the student expectations change dramatically from grade level to grade level. This segment looks at the student expectations and how each grade level must be taught in order for students to become truly technology literate.